The old man turned and headed back to the over turned Toyota

With the sudden strength of someone who wasn’t 80 years old, he wrenched open the trunk. Garbage bags fell to the pavement followed by a heavy spare tire and a tire iron. He bent down and reached into the recesses of the trunk. After a few hard tugs and some inaudible swearing the old man returned to Rok with a long walking stick. On the very top, a crystal clear blue sapphire orb was held in place by four white granite fingers that cradled it like a large hand. The beautiful stone was veined with sapphire, making it appear that the granite was alive. Just underneath the fingers, a gold ring steering wheel lock encircled the staff, followed by a space of granite and then two more golden rings sitting one on top of the other. The white stone then moved down the staff, thinning as it moved toward the center. It stopped at the exact middle of the staff, two more golden rings separated by granite that was studded, like that of a dog collar.

On the other side of the granite, heavy wooden roots snaked the rest of the staff. The roots intertwined until they melded together at the very end into a point. He stretched it out to Rok and bowed. Your staff, your majesty. He said. Rok was speechless. He could do nothing but stare when suddenly he was aware of the approaching sirens and the old steering wheel lock man stood. But…you…the wrong guy. Rok mumbled as his eyes widened, shaking his head side to side. I can see that I will not be able to convince you in the little time I have left. It is time for me to return home to our planet. The old man rushed to the policeman’s side and threw his index and middle fingers into Rok’s forehead.

Rok felt a surge of fire wave through his body and the old man stepped away. Something within him had been steering wheel lock awakened, a new feeling; something extraordinary. I am Jakoba, one of your people. I will return to you. With those words the old man stood and slowly broke down into small sand like particles. Wind picked him up and swirled him around like a small tornado before pulling the dust into the hourglass. With a soft explosion the hourglass shattered, the miniscule pieces landing and disappearing in small puffs of smoke as they hit the ground. Rok continued to stare wide eyed at the spot where Jakoba had been standing. He had no comprehension of what had just unfolded. His morning had gone from worse to impossible.